Brian J. Whelan, LCSW, CST, SEP
Integrative Healing and Somatic Psychotherapy
About the Practitioner

Brian earned his Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan in 1998, where he specialized in working with children, youth and families. At the University of Michigan he had the priviledge of learning about trauma and PTSD from Dr. Kathleen Faller and Laura Sander's, LCSW.  He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Art.  He has also studied at Bastyr University in "Spirituality, Health and Medicine". Brian draws from his eclectic background and training in various traditional and holistic disciplines. 

Brian uses Somatic Experiencing® as a primary tool in working with stress, trauma, abuse, and chronic pain issues. Brian also combines SE, DARe, with P.A.C.T. (Psychobiological Approach to Couple's Therapy) for a powerful somatic approach to deepening and healing romantic relationships.  Brian has also studied Trauma First Aid® with the FHE and has completed Kathy Kain's Post Advanced Somatic Experiencing Touch Training. Additionally Brian has completed and assisted for Diane Poole Heller's Trauma & Attachment training. Brian has been an assistant for Dave Berger, Diane Heller, and Ariel Garietto, Lael Keen, Berns Galloway at Somatic Experiencing Trainings. He draws from his knowledge and training in EMDR, EFT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Matrixworks Group Process Work, LENS Neurofeedback, HEG Neurofeedback, Heartmath, Somato Respiratory Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and The Tomatis Method (i.e. Integrated Listening Systems).
Brian is also trained in Biofeedback and utilizes a CapnoTrainer (for measurement of HRV and CO2) and a NEXUS 10 Biofeedback device for tracking various biofeedback measures.   

Brian is a clinical member of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.


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