Somatic Psychotherapy & Integrative Counseling
Brian J. Whelan, LCSW, CST, SEP
About Brian
Healing and Balance

Brian Whelan, LCSW, CST, SEP, incorporates traditional therapeutic training and knowledge of holistic medicine to heal a patientís mind and body and provide balance in their lives.

He works with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, panic, mental and emotional problems, relationship issues, post traumatic stress, those desiring to optimize emotional health and wellness or who need to move beyond blocks and limiting belief systems.

As a body-based psychotherapist, he brings an added dimension in his understanding of the interplay between physical illness and emotional health and wellness. His methods assist people with physical problems such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, car accident trauma, migraine headaches, surgery support and recovery, chronic pain or other stress and autonomic nervous system disorders.

Body psychotherapy also serves those seeking to more fully embody spirituality. These patients can gain a deeper connection with themselves and others, live more fully in the present, and embody more love, compassion, joy and creativity in their lives.