Brian J. Whelan, LCSW, CST, SEP
Integrative Healing and Somatic Psychotherapy
Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing® - integrative psycho-physiological (mind-body) approach to dealing with stress, anxiety and trauma issues. It utilizes somatic awareness and mindfulness as a primary orientation.

Somatic Experiencing is a widely respected, innovative, body centered approach to emotional healing & trauma resolution developed by Peter Levine, PhD based upon over 35 years of research and study into stress and trauma.  SE is a unique approach, which draws upon the latest scientific research of how our triune autonomic nervous system mobilizes to respond to threat.  SE is modeled off of animals in the wild, who engage innate, instinctive, physiological processes to discharge the massive fight, flight and freeze energies associated with survival.  As a result wild animals are rarely traumatized, even though their lives are routinely threatened.

Although humans have virtually the same innate self-regulating mechanisms as animals, we often override or inhibit these processes thwarting our own capacity to heal.  When we fail to discharge the high levels of arousal associated with survival these massive energies stay trapped in our neuromuscular and central nervous system and wreak havok on our bodies and our minds.  It is this trapped energy that develops into a whole constellation of post-traumatic symptoms including pain, anxiety, anger, depression, intrusive thoughts and imagery, and cognitive impairments.  Somatic Experiencing provides the steps needed to reconnect individual with the innate wisdom of their bodies.  Through focused conscious awareness of bodily sensations the individual is able to access these restorative physiological patterns, resolve their traumatic symptoms, and reengage in life with renewed optimism, creativity, passion and joy.


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